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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bionet Fetal Monitor
Taking care of your baby begins as soon as you realize you are pregnant; before the infant is even born! Eating healthy, taking your prenatal vitamins, getting the correct amount of rest and exercise, as well as setting up visits with your obstetrician for prenatal care are just a few ways that a mommy-to-be can assure that she is doing the best for herself and her unborn child.

In addition to taking these important steps, another way the expectant mother can obtain the peace of mind that her new baby is growing, developing and doing well is by monitoring the baby's heartbeat with a fetal heart monitor. The fetal heart monitor is used to accurately assess the baby's heart rate while the infant is in utero.

Fetal dopplers and fetal heart monitors have long been used by healthcare professionals to detect the infant heart rate and in doing so, offering the healthcare provider valuable information regarding the welfare and overall heart health of the unborn infant. The fetal doppler is a non-invasive way to monitor the unborn infant. By using the fetal doppler, the mother gains valuable reassurance as she listens to her little ones' heartbeat.

The at home fetal doppler offers the parents the same reassurance as the fetal dopplers used in the healthcare setting. Using a technique that is painless, the mother applies a water-soluble gel to the flat surface of the fetal doppler probe which she then places onto her abdomen. By holding the probe of the at home fetal doppler on various areas of her pregnant abdomen, she can hear the steady rhythm of her unborn infants' heart. This is music to her ears and can offer immeasurable peace of mind at a time when she needs it the most.

Pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty and change, leaving her feeling unsure and scared. The fetal doppler monitor can offer her the assurance that her baby is doing well. Fetal doppler monitors are accurate and easy to use. The steady thumping of the tiny baby heart can be heard loud and clear using this up to date technology. As her time of delivery grows near and her baby grows to term, it is not unusual for her infant to become a little less active. During this time she can continue to monitor her baby's heartbeat by using the fetal doppler. It's quick and it's easy and offers the mother the most important information about her pregnancy...that her baby's heartbeat is strong!

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