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Friday, June 29, 2012
Bionet ECG 2000
What is an EKG machine?

What is an EKG machine? The abbreviations ECG and EKG both stand for electrocardiograph; the latter is from the German form of the word, Elektrokardiogramm. Throughout this article, we will use only the English abbreviation.

That said, the purpose of an ECG machine is to measure the electrical activity produced by the heart. Each time the heart beats, it depolarizes, producing minute electrical changes. When the heart relaxes, a negative charge crosses its cell membrane; an influx of double- positive ions of calcium and sodium causes polarization as the charge is eliminated, signaling the heart to contract. ECG machines can detect this process as a series of tiny rises and falls in the level of negative electric charge, and can thus be used to analyze how healthy the heart is. Graph paper is commonly used with ECG machines so that the results of their findings can be printed, though more modern ones are connected with computers that can produce such graphs.

Bionet, also known as BIOSCI, is an online forum used by people throughout the world who study and work in the life sciences—molecular biology, medicine, dentistry, toxicology, bioinformatics software, and countless other areas. Such scientists can use Bionet to share information on the discoveries they have made and help develop their own and each other’s fields. It was first developed by computer workers at Stanford University in the mid- 1980s.

A variety of Bionet ECG equipment is sold in places throughout the Internet, and some will be described here. Most of them cost a few thousand dollars, and accessories for them are sold separately. The Bionet BM3 Plus can be used to measure NIBP (non- invasive blood pressure), respiration, SpO2 (saturation of peripheral oxygen), and temperature, in addition to serving as a Bionet ECG system, and it is capable of storing up to 120 hours of "trend and alarm information." Software can be upgraded on the Internet, and it weighs less than seven pounds, even with the battery.

The Bionet CardioTouch 3000 ECG has twelve channels and a high resolution LCD monitor. Files on this one can be saved in JPG graphics format, and printed from a Windows- based printer or emailed. Sections of the ECG can also be magnified so that they can be read more easily; it can be transferred to a computer from the machine’s control panel and saved there; custom comments may be added to it; and it can even be compared side by side with another ECG. Even more elaborate—and more expensive—is the BM5Vet with Mainstream EtCO2, a multi- parameter veterinary monitor on which the vital signs of the subject are displayed in color code form.

One of the greatest machines is the Bionet 2000, which is also one of the cheapest for its quality.

by: getMedOnline


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