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Saturday, June 23, 2012
Wallach Surgical Tristar 3 Colposcope
In and Out of Coloposcopes

A colposcope is a field microscope with a powerful light source, magnification adjustable knob and eyepieces, beam splitter with high definition camera, and equipment having a long focal length mounted on a stable wide base with or without rolling casters or an examination table. It is a medical instrument that detects abnormal cervix, malignant tissues, precancerous and cancerous lesions by providing a magnified view of the tissues in and around the female genital area, letting the physician recognize any unnatural growth and uncommon health condition such as cervical cancer. The physician can then use the findings from the equipment for further preventive techniques.

Uses of a Medical Colposcope

Most physicians or colposcopists prefer colposcopy after a detailed pap-smear test on patients for analyzing the overall well-being of the cervix. Other reasons why these devices are in demand include but not limited to detection of HIV infection, forensic examination of sexual assault victims and valuation of DES exposure in uterus. Colposcopes that are widely used in clinics are typically equipped with a camera that collect evidences suggesting the presence of destructive tissues and clues that indicate sexual assault. A low power colposcope supply’s a quick examination for obtaining a general picture of the organs inside. Medium power and High power medical instruments with sophisticated light filters, on the other hand, are slick enough for detecting the presence of more advanced precancerous lesions in the cervix.

Types of Medical Colposcopes

Based on features, sophistication, price, need for mobility, available space and examiner's preference, colposcope supplies come in different form, shape and size. For example, a simple Wallach Surgical Colpostar 1H colposcope with fiber optic halogen light and single magnification mode has a bunch of basic features and is perfectly built for a quick colposcopy. A Wallach Surgical Tristar 3 magnification colposcope with extra bright halogen system offers direct view of the cervix through its powerful camera. Wallach's Pentastart Trulight colposcope or Zoomscopes with a series of par focal lenses or zooming capability with video are great choices for advanced examination. Those medical instruments with higher magnification can identify the abnormality with ease.

How to Use This Medical Equipment

Colposcopes are used on patients after obtaining their detailed history such as number of pregnancies, number of deliveries, contraception type, prior pap smear results, medical conditions, health problems, allergies, and drug use. A mild acetic acid solution (approximately 3%) is then applied to the surface of the device to visualize any abnormal condition after a thorough evaluation of vulva. The transformation zone which is believed to be the prominent region where cancerous and precancerous lesions usually reside is then examined with the camera. If cancer is present, the cervical area that comes in contact with acetic acid turns white. The result thus obtained tells the extent and severity of the condition and forms the basis for further evaluation. If no lesions are present, an iodine solution is applied to the surface that helps the device in highlighting the cervical region.

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