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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Waldmann Derungs VISIANO Exam Light
Waldmann/Derungs VISIANO LED Procedure/Exam Light

Here is a new product from DERUNGS, the Swiss medical lighting system professional. The recently launched Derungs VISIANO has been elegantly designed as a compact, light weight and versatile LED lighting system that will perfectly work for all types of medical and veterinary clinics as a minor procedure or exam light. The Derungs VISIANO has a powerful 16 LED light source that generates 60,000 lux/0.5m of lighting power in 3500 and 4500K color temperature. With the 24" post length and the 19" arm length, VISIANO offers 43" reach with its articulating arm. 

The Derungs VISIANO has the following characteristics;
  • 360° turning axis at the luminaire head for ease of movement
  • Ceiling-mounted version or alternative options for wall-mounted, rail-mounted or floor stand
  • Totally enclosed design for easy sanitizing
  • Electronics integrated for maximum safety and energy efficiency
  • Strong, aluminum frame and spring-balanced friction joins
  • Control panel conveniently placed for easy operation
  • Illumination intensity 60,000 lx/0.5 m
  • Lighting field: 8.3 inches
  • Color temperatures: 3500K and 4500K
  • 4 dimming levels
  • Diamond optic design reduces shadows
  • Ergonomic controls allow for one-handed operation
  • Spring-balanced arm joints lock in position
  • Pure white / gray

The Derungs VISIANO articulating arm exam light are offered in 5 different configurations as follows,

Part Number Description
D15461100 Visiano 20-2 P TX, Articulating Arm - Clamp
D15461110 Visiano 20-2 P TX, Articulating Arm  - Floor Stand
D15461120 Visiano 20-2 P TX, Articulating Arm  - Wall Mount
D15461150 Visiano 20-2 P TX, Articulating Arm - Rail Mount
D15594000 Visiano 20-2 C T1 Articulating Arm - Ceiling Mount

We are an authorized Waldmann / Derungs Dealer in Long Island NY. For further product details or to see our competitive prices, please click here or call us toll free at 1-888-822 3336 to place your order over the phone.

by: getMedOnline


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