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Saturday, March 8, 2014

 Bionet BM3 Patient Monitor
Bionet Patient Monitors are invaluable resources for a variety of medical needs and situations. They can be used for ambulatory care as well as in inpatient settings. They can help clinicians accurately monitor a patient’s health status and can aid in making informed medical decisions.

A Bionet monitor is versatile enough to be used in numerous scenarios. Of course, it is often used in hospital settings, such as in emergency rooms and intensive care units, to monitor a patient’s vital signs closely. Because it is portable, it can accompany patients who are being transported for x-rays, MRIs or other testing. It only weighs three pounds, and its rechargeable lithium ion battery can be unplugged for up to two hours. It is perfect for use in cardiac catheterization labs and postoperative recovery suites. Clinics and nursing homes will also find it to be a valuable resource.

Bionet Patient Monitors offer several helpful features, which are quite easy to use. The 8.4-inch screen displays information about EKG waveforms, oxygen saturation in the blood, blood pressure, mean arterial pressure and respirations. The unit can display up to three waveforms at once. The built-in printer allows clinicians to print information, such as vital sign trends and EKG waveforms. Printed graph are then used to show doctors, or to include in patient documentation. Several settings, such as alarm limits and waveform size are adjustable; in addition, the monitor will remember past settings when it is turned off for the next time it is used.

The monitor comes with several accessories. A 10-lead cable for monitoring an EKG, electrodes and alligator clips are included. A five-lead EKG cable can also work with the unit but is not included with the monitor. In addition, a rectal or skin probe for monitoring patient temperature can be added to the monitor.

A Bionet Patient Monitor is a wise purchase for any healthcare system, nursing home or clinic. It can help diagnose diseases, monitor unstable patients and prevent infections or other dangerous complications. It's convenient size aids in portability while its clear display is easy to read.

by: getMedOnline


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