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Friday, October 25, 2013
G5 massagers have been used and sold for over fifty years now. They provide very deep and penetrating massages typically utilizing frequencies from around 15 to 55 CPS. More recently they have been proved to be effective in battling cellulite. The cellulite reduction market has been dominated by creams, lotions, and tablets for a long time now, making the G5 massager a welcome change. Benefits are often seen from the first treatment, since the G5 massager has the ability to be used in a variety of different methods. It is known to stimulate the lymphatic system, and as a result of this it can help alleviate problems such as fluid retention and puffy skin in various parts of the body. They can also aid the appearance of lumpy skin (often referred to as the "cottage cheese effect’), leading to a much smoother appearance of the skin. Furthermore, the G5 Massager can be used in addition with a hot body wrap, as the vibrations help stimulate the fatty deposits to break down. It disperses excess fluid through the lymphatic areas, which results in an instant detoxifying effect, and it also improves the skins elasticity and collagen flow via the improved blood circulation.These modern G5 massagers come with a few key features:

Multiple Direction Stroking: This therapy system provides a horizontal and vertical action using a specially made adapter. The multi-force action helps in removing and dislodging secretions and byproducts of metabolic waste, particularly for deep detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

Gyratory action: This is a unique combination of backwards and forwards motions, which produce a gyratory force. It is very similar to the motions of a traditional massage for petrissage, tapotement and effleurage effects.

Percussion Action: The choices of the speeds and frequencies can vary quite a lot, particularly at mid-range. This creates a deep vibration to muscle layers, which in turn provides relief from injured or sore muscles. In order for a reduction in the appearance of cellulite to occur, it is advised to have one session per week for up to a month. This is dependent on how severe the cellulite is, and may vary depending on each the individual needs.

However, it is not uncommon to see a difference from the first session. It is important to note that the G5 massagers are not a weight loss treatment. The G5 massagers are an aesthetic treatment to reduce to appearance of cellulite on the body. The results from the massage can be sustained in conjunction with a healthy diet, however some individuals do benefit from a monthly 'top-up'. It is also recommended that those who are to undergo a G5 Massage drink at least 2 liters of water every day before treatment. This is because the lymphatic system is highly stimulated. If not enough water is consumed, it is highly likely that feelings of lethargy and headaches will occur. This is due to the fact that the toxins in the body will be mobilized.Most of all, the G5 Massage for cellulite removal is highly practical. Is not not surgical, and does not have a recovery period. The results are safer, more sustainable and far more inexpensive compared to surgery.   

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