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Friday, June 1, 2012

Ohaus Adventurer Pro Analytical Balance
Analytical scales are utilized by universities and industrial laboratories, who require a high degree of accuracy for measurements during research. The quantities of the materials can be extremely small and researchers require instruments that are precise in their calculations. Fortunately, advances in technology have produced scales that are accurate for a wide range of applications.

Selecting quality scales requires detailed research to compare the advanced features of each of the instruments. Carefully analyzing each aspect of an analytical scale will enable institutions to have the highest level of accuracy when weighing their materials. Selecting a quality scale will also improve precision and reduce the amount of time required to weight certain materials.

Analytical scales are able to be utilized with a variety of substances and can deliver accurate results.  The units can perform simple tasks such as tablet counting to more complex chemical analysis. Scales such as Ohaus scales have enhanced features to automate the process.

Ohaus, a leading manufacturer of analytical scales sells a wide variety of products for laboratories, manufacturing industries and education facilities. Ohaus analytical balances are specifically designed to perform complex laboratory measurements.

The company’s latest scales have advanced technology to simplify the process. Ohaus scales are able to provide a high level of accuracy and performance to organizations. Laboratory technicians are able to utilize the advanced systems for statistical analysis, dynamic weighing, density determination and counting.

Ohaus analytical balances are also intuitively designed for the maximum amount of performance and usability. Depending on the scale, operators are able to view the calculations on a touch screen display. In addition, the scales also take into consideration the laboratory’s environment and are designed for the maximum amount of functionality. Products such as the Voyager Pro have a compact design and a draft shield to provide accuracy despite the wind currents within a room.  The device also includes sophisticated software to perform pipette calibration, statistical QC and density determination.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Scale

There are several key factors to consider when selecting the best product for an organization. Often price is the main consideration to purchasing a scale, but value and quality are also essential. Organizations must also take into consideration if a scale’s efficiency and production capacity justifies the price.

The capacity of the scale must is also an important factor. Organizations are able to select scales based on the type of items that will be utilized on the balance. In addition, the environment and conditions of the laboratory can also influence the lifespan of the analytical balance scale. Selecting a scale that has a high capacity compared to the weight of the material used on the scale can increase the life span of the device.

Readability is also an essential aspect of the scales accuracy. Selecting a scale that clearly indicates the weight of the material without any confusion is the best option. Scales should have ten times the required precision for your materials.

Accuracy is another essential component of a high performing analytical balance scale. Higher levels of accuracy can be achieved when a laboratory scales takes into consideration the temperature, ventilation and humidity of the environment.

Companies must select scales carefully in order to receive optimal results.  Scales that are not able to perform at a high level may negatively impact an organizations research.  Prior to making a purchase, companies must compare the quality and performance of the scales to make the best selection.

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