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Sunday, May 13, 2012

BacTrack S75 Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is a helpful tool used to measure the blood alcohol intake of a person. Shockingly there are a number of breathalyzer testers out there that are not accurate and have been known to give false results. For a person who is in the position of taking a breathalyzer test, a false result could change their life forever. BacTrack breathalyzers are the best digital tests to have because they use advanced fuel cell technology.

BacTrack Breathalyzers

These hand-held devices are the most accurate tests around and offer digital results instantly. Each test has different features and specialties but each one will get the job done right, and the first time. There are so many variations that can contribute to a false reading but that is why these breathalyzer tests reign supreme. The technology that has gone into these breathalyzers is sophisticated and innovative. These tests take into consideration the complications such as weather temperatures, male or female, and whether or not hyperventilation has occurred.

Variations that Affect Results

If a person leaving the gym suddenly was pulled over for a routine stop and alcohol check, the results could turn out false with any other device than BacTrack. Not all devices are created equal, and some of the knock off brands will deliver less than perfect results due to the lack of technology. BacTrack is dedicated to making sure each test is loaded with only the best technology and features possible. Men and women are not designed the same and not many breathalyzers can tell the difference. BacTrack uses Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor technology that can determine the victim's body features and give accurate results. Receiving a false breath analyzer reading could change a person's life forever. Drunk driving laws have been enforced like never before in today's society, and the penalties are harsh. There are several variables that can affect a reading and that is why it is important to purchase a breath analyzer that gives accurate results.

The Different Models of Breath Analyzers

The BacTrack S75 Pro can be used for consumer or personal use and comes with a replaceable, hygienic mouth piece for sanitary purposes. This particular model includes 6 mouth pieces and a time response of ten seconds. The S80 Pro can produce 1500 tests on one set of AA batteries. This particular model is one of the most highly recommended models and is at the top of it's class. Similar, less expensive models include the S50 with FlowCheck Technology and can be used for consumer or personal use. The BacTrack Select S30 is the most inexpensive model BacTrack has to offer and is compact and portable. This particular model features Advanced MicroCheck Technology that is guaranteed to give accurate results every time.

The Right Breathalyzer Test

Choosing the right breath analyzer is so very important because it can determine the fate of person's life in law enforcement terms. The BacTrack tests are used even by police officers to ensure an accurate reading every time.

by: getMedOnline


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