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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wallach Colpostar Colposcope
Colposcopy is a medical method for closely observing the tissues of the vagina and the cervix. Lesions in these areas of the female body can be easily found and examined with the use of a colposcope. When observed, abnormal tissue can be distinguished from healthy tissue. If abnormal tissue is found during the colposcopy then a thorough biopsy can be performed to officially determine the state of the tissue. If the biopsy reveals an abnormality than an endocervical curettage may be performed to clean the inside of the cervical canal.

Colposcopies are performed using a tool called a colposcope. A colposcope is fixed with a small camera that is used primarily to observe cytological issues on the pap smear. Before the colposcope is used, the medical history of the patient is carefully reviewed. The doctor determines the number of pregnancies of the patient as well as the last period of menstruation. Allergies, contraception use and previous pap smear abnormalities are also determined in order to ensure a proper updated evaluation.

A colposcope works as a binocular microscope that enlarges and lightens the cervix and vulvar surface. Views range from low and medium power used for general surface evaluations. If a problem is spotted or believed to exist, then a higher power is used to view vascular patterns and more effectively determine whether or not there are cancerous lesions. A colposcope uses light filters to highlight specific areas of the cervix in the event of an abnormality. Visualization is enhanced when acetic acid and iodine solutions are used on the surface of the cervix. Areas with abnormalities will turn white from the acid and then be scheduled for biopsy. Iodine is applied to help detect possible lesions.

Colposcopes are used as the first step toward detecting the development of abnormalities. Complications due to the use of a colposcope are extremely rare, but sometimes occur. Some complications known to occur are bleeding and infection. There are few cases where the colopscopy failed to detect an abnormality, so using quality colposcopy equipment is very important.

Wallach colposcopes are quality designed with overhead viewing systems that provide clear and accurate viewing. Wallach builds flexible equipment to perform precision medical examinations with optimal precision and accuracy. Their colposcopes are able to convert into operating microscopes. Wallach colposcopes create free space in the operating room and set an example of efficiency for all future medical equipment developments.

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