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Thursday, May 3, 2012
Riester Cardiophone Stainless Steel Stethoscope
There are a great many very good acoustic stethoscopes available for specialized application, depending on the type of patient. There is the feature that is made for using on the chest in cardiology with a double headed chest piece. This piece is made to fit flat and softly on the skin with a non chilling rim so that the patient is comfortable right away. The scope is extra soft to the skin. For the medical professional's comfort level and repeated use, there are the replaceable ear tips that fit into the metal screw threaded adapting end. The ear pieces give binaural flexible acoustic sound of high quality. Each sound will be authentic and well received for the medical professional to make accurate assessments of the patient's condition.

These stethoscopes are free from allergens such as latex and have also have change out parts to replace missing or broken pieces that can be ordered. The scope is made of high quality parts with the receiver capable of picking up waves between 200 Hz to 500 Hz for the auscultatory process of evaluating the heart. The cardiophone acoustic device offers these particular qualities in performance in comparison to similar but different qualities in performance of electronic stethoscopes.

When comparing the features of acoustic stethoscopes to electronic stethoscopes, the main differences are due to ambient noise reduction technology that filters out 85% of background noise, but allows abnormal body sounds and faint sounds in the auscultatory measurements. There is also an extended range frequency that allows medical professionals to hear a broader spectrum of frequencies when listening to vital signs. These stethoscopes in the anatomically designed headset fits the ears perfectly to eliminate noise and unwanted sounds and can be flexed up to 1 million times to their normal shape for best fit. The stethoscope is powered by a single double AA battery and have a power saving sleep mode for in-between uses. The Bluetooth model offers wireless technology that has an interface with a personal computer for transmitting vital signs to a computer for keeping records. With these electronic stethoscopes, medical professionals will never miss the sounds that they need to hear.

Some of the extraordinary features are the backlit LCD display for easy reading of functions and readouts of vital heart rate. With the bell or diaphragm mode, the display can show the sound level and other important data such as remaining battery life and the patient's heart rate. The tubing is very pliable but durable with a very comfortable grip for the scope, which is made of chill proof and lightweight materials in the unique design. Taking those all important auscultatory readings will be semi automatic with the Bluetooth feature that is available in this piece of equipment. The vital signs can be taken and transmitted wirelessly to a computer. The high tech ambient noise reduction feature will dampen background noise by a factor of 85%, making this piece of equipment a must have for any medical professional that practices in cardiology or general medicine.

by: getMedOnline


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