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Saturday, April 21, 2012
Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ever wonder how medical laboratories clean their sensitive equipment, or how jewelry shops clean their fine jewelry? This cleaning system is done by a single or dual ultrasonic cleaner, operating at a maximum temperature of 302 degrees.

An ultrasonic cleaner is a small or larger machine that is used in laboratory settings or home use. Applications of an ultrasonic cleaner are to give parts a high intensity cleaning. The Branson ultrasonic cleaner is gentle enough to clean fine jewelry. An ultrasonic cleaner accomplishes things such as cell lysing, it degasses liquids, leaches and extracts, is responsible for homogenization. Branson ultrasonic cleaners are the best on the market and are a very high efficiency product, so much so that with their two year warranty no consumer has to look any further for top quality cleaners. The quality cleaning power of this unit is faster and more consistent than others. This ultrasonic cleaner is a very safe unit to use. The quality of the Branson allows removal of heavy oils, and proteins. Laboratory equipment that is difficult to handle is given a quality cleaning along with any laboratory equipment.

There are many professional industries that need an ultrasonic cleaner, such as, industrial, science labs, medical and dental labs, optical professions, jewelry stores, the electronic industry, graphic arts, hearing specialists, and many more.

The way that an ultrasonic cleaner works is that it has sound waves that move due to ultrasound. The waves move through the cleaning solution to give what needs to be cleaned a deep cleaning. It removes contamination. The Branson scrubs surfaces clean with its high power and new sweep frequency. This particular cleaner has a timer switch that the operator can sit up to 60 minutes, or one can sit the timer switch for continuous cleaning. Branson has models that also have a heater built in that can be switched on as needed, and with its automatic heater shut off no one has to be afraid of overheating. One model is compact and specifically designed to clean jewelry and optical equipment. One will receive a 5 minute timer and parts basket, with this model.

One of the Branson ultrasonic cleaner has two operating frequencies, one for metal cleaning that is difficult and another setting for other sensitive applications. Heater can be used to supply a continuous temperature to liquid cleaners. The Branson heaters are guaranteed to run for years without problem. If a problem does occur then it does have the two year warranty and a very minimal repair time.

Each cleaner through the Branson Company has a specific list of accessories that are paired with each ultrasonic cleaner model.

The Branson ultrasonic cleaner have an extensive question and answer website that will touch on just about any questions one may have on ultrasonic cleaners, from what cleaning solutions to use and not to use. From ultrasonic cleaning to liquid processing one can find answers to their questions. If the answers are not found Branson has a top quality customer service department waiting to serve their customers.

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