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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
LW Scientific USA Line Incubators

Laboratory Incubators to Grow and Maintain Microbiological/Cell Cultures

An incubator is a laboratory equipment which its chamber can be set to different atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide or etc. to maintain or grow microbiological cultures or cell cultures. Incubators are essential equipment for a lot of experimental work in cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology. LW Scientific, a leader in manufacturing laboratory equipment with the most advanced technology today has now revealed the all new LWS USA Incubators that are totally designed, engineered and assembled in Atlanta, GA, United States. The new LWS USA line of incubators are designed to perfectly fit to various applications such as cultures, egg incubation, test kits, fluid bag warming, and other microbiological uses in pediatric, physician, and hospital labs. They provide  better temperature stability and accuracy with the digital PID microprocessor controls. the temperature can be set up to 65*C/150*F, and the convection heat provides excellent heat distribution and uniformity. The LED temperature display shows constant temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the aluminum and stainless steel components are corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The new LW Scientific USA Incubators are available in 10, 20 and 30 liter sizes to accommodate any size of laboratory incubation applications and come with 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Find LW Scientific USA Incubators, here 

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The LW Scientific MiniVID WiFi Microscope Camera 
LW Scientific MiniVID WiFi Camera

A great imaging solution for microscopy with complete wireless technology. The new LW Scientific MiniVID Wifi has a 5.0MP high resolution image quality. Can capture videos at up to 40 fps with 640 X 480px and stream the live video wireless. It can also be connected via USB cable. The videos or images can be viewed on PCs as well as mobile devices such as iPad, Iphone, Android phones and tablets. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope with trinocular C-mount, or inserted into one eye-tube of a binocular head using the optional eyetube adapter.The LW Scientific MiniVID WiFi is a great product for many applications such as Pathology, Oncology, Research, Tech Schools, IVF, Industrial, Universities (MLT / MA / PA Programs), Dental and Veterinary. is an authorized LW Scientific distributor where you can buy these quality products with confidence.

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