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Monday, January 4, 2016
IKA RV10 Basic Rotary Evaporator

IKA Rotary Evaporators

The rotary evaporator is a laboratory device that's designed to separate solvents by using the evaporation technique which has been invented by Lyman C. Craig, a chemical researcher, back in 1957. Buchi, a Swiss laboratory equipment company first manufactured the rotary evaporators as commercial lab equipment. In today's market, there are several major manufacturers of rotary evaporators such as Buchi, Eyela, IKA, Heidolph, Stuart, LabTech, etc. 

IKA, the German manufacturer of laboratory equipment makes one of the most advanced rotary evaporators in the world with their several different configurations available today. The most cost effective distillation package that IKA offers is the IKA RV8 series. They come with the integrated IKA HB10 water bath. The packages are designed both as a complete system with glassware or as the FLEX Package which are for labs that already have their glassware. The IKA RV10 Basic series have the same specifications as the RV8 but has a motor powered lift instead of manual. The RV10 Digital series have both motor powered lift as well as PC connectivity with the built in RS232 port for data transfer from the rotavap to the computer. The opposite direction rotation is available on the IKA RV10 basic and higher models for better distillation results. IKA RV10 Digital series rotary evaporators are fully integrated with the water bath and have the capability to digitally monitor the bath temperature and rotation speed and transfer this data to the PC with the RS232 port. 

The IKA RV10 CONTROL model rotary evaporators are the most advanced model distillation systems offered by IKA Works. The RV10 CONTROL has all the features that the previous models have as well as the complete integration with the IKA LabWorldSoft laboratory software. The RV10 Control also allows the user to monitor the vacuum pressure with the vacuum control integration feature for a complete solution for efficient distillation results... is an authorized IKA distributor where you can purchase these high quality equipment with full manufacturer's warranty with a free option of 3 additional years warranty when you register your equipment on To view the IKA Rotary Evaporators, please click here

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