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Monday, December 31, 2012

Mettler Sonicator 718 Portable Ultrasound Therapy Equipment

Mettler is introducing the new Mettler Sonicator 718 or 719 Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound Unit. With its extreme portability and full functionality not any different from any traditional clinical ultrasound therapy equipments, the Sonicator 718 is an ideal professional ultrasound therapy that you can ever have. The Sonicator 718 or 719 comes with water proof applicators to allow the user to perform underwater treatments. The Sonicator 718 comes with a 1 Mhz 5.5cm ultrasound head as well as the rechargeable battery, battery charger, power cable and battery case. The Sonicator 719 comes with a 0.9 cm 3.3Mhz ultrasound heads with the accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)
What is the difference between the 718B and the 719B?A:The 718B is a 1 MHz unit and the 719B is a 3 MHz unit.

Q: There is another hand held ultrasound on the market for a lot less money. How does the 718/719 compare to that unit?
A: Don’t be fooled by other portable ultrasounds. They are very low powered and only operate in a pulsed mode. This makes them not practical for clinical use. The 718/719 are full powered ultrasound units in the palm of your hand. It is the only unit on the market with these power capabilities.

Q: Is the 718/719 waterproof?
A: Both units are waterproof so you can perform underwater treatments with ease.

Q: Does the 718/719 come with everything I will need to get started?
A: Both units come complete with the unit, power supply, battery, battery charger, user manual and sample size of ultrasound gel.

Q: Why would I purchase a 718/719 over a 740 clinical ultrasound?
A: If you need to truly be portable with your ultrasound the 718/719 is a perfect unit for you. Now you can treat your patients on the sidelines, in the dugout, on the airplane or wherever you may need to be. Traveling between patient rooms is now easier and eliminates the use for a treatment cart. The clinical units like our Sonicator 740 are still a bit more powerful and are considered portable, but the 718/719 just takes portability once step further 

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